Our Mission

Helping Improve the Quality of Life for Special Operator Veterans

We never try to convince the veteran that we are the nonprofit that will best suit his or her needs. We will offer guidance and offer suggestions so that the veteran and his or her family feels comfortable with whatever choice they make. In our eyes, this is a lifetime partnership, not only between veteran and dog but between veteran and us. We are here to provide support 24/7/365 year after year. The fit must be right.

Our Goals

Call Sign Canine aims to provide a correctly trained service dog specifically to assist with the need(s) of the special operator veteran, at absolutely no cost. We believe in expeditiously providing a dog without any compromise on quality. We provide trained service dogs to special operator veterans only. We also provide dogs to veterans who get referred by government agencies.

Why Choose Us

Most service dog organizations have limitations in terms of the fee or service areas. They either needed the veterans to pay for a dog, live in a specific area, or had waiting lists that could be up to 2 to 4 years.