Trained to Perfection

We Provide Veterans with Trained Service Dogs

Specialized Service Dog Training Nationwide

Call Sign Canine is the leading non-profit charity that provides service dogs for special operator veterans. We are an established service dog organization that offers specialized training to dogs and their partners to ensure they are a perfect fit in a veteran's lifestyle.


How We Work

We accept referrals from SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Care Coalition , certain government agencies and from special operator veterans to whom we have given a dog. We match the dog to the tasks needed and to the environment of the veteran providing support to ensure a successful match. Our goal is to make the right match and to do so in an expedient manner without sacrificing quality.

Once a referral is made we evaluate the needs of the veteran through a series of discussions with members of our organization that formalize expectations. These discussions also include any significant others in the veteran’s life.

About Our Charity

The original 501-C-3, K9 Soldiers, Inc. was started in 2008 with a mission to support Military Working Dogs downrange. In 2010, we were contacted by a Pararescue Jumper SSgt August O’Neill seeking a “service dog”. We investigated service dog providers and found flaws in the delivery of qualified dogs to veterans. That’s how we became Call Sign Canine.